30 April 2010

Cassowary visitor

This young chap visited a week ago and yesterday and enjoyed some oranges. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order: Casuariiformes Family: Casuariidae Genus: Casuarius ©2010ben

28 February 2010

Sunbird (juvenile male)

Sometimes enters a house seeking spiders. ©2010ben

22 February 2010

Spangled Drongo

This Spangled Drongo, the marvellously named dicrurus bracteatus, of the family Dicruridae, in the order of Passeriformes, sought shelter from the rainstorm last night but flew off confidently this morning. ©2010ben

03 December 2009

Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher

The buff-breasted paradise kingfisher, growing a new tail feather - possibly after losing one servicing a nest. ©2009ben

27 August 2009

Tree hugger

Demure and unassuming. Stays deep in the forest and only seen on the fringes at dusk. Squats against trees like this to hunt bugs on the ground. ©2009ben

20 August 2009

Mt Molloy copper refinery

Copper smelter ruins, Mt Molloy, named after Patrick Molloy who found the ore body nearby. ©2009ben

10 August 2009

Purple bromiliad